How To Cook Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs in the Oven

What You Need

1 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil
Sauce or additional seasonings (optional)

9-inch or 8-inch baking dish


1. Buy boneless skinless chicken thighs. I mention this as one of the steps here because I think it’s always worth talking about where you get your meat. And I certainly don’t mean to be didactic — I think meat is something most of us are conscious of, and we all try to get the best stuff we can. My point is really to say that chicken thighs are one of the cheapest, easiest things to buy organic or pasture-raised. Even at a high-end butcher counter, these only cost me $4/pound, for instance.

2. Heat the oven to 425°F. Put the chicken in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. The most basic seasoning that this meat really needs is salt and pepper. At this point, if I’m not adding another sauce, I drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the meat too, to help it brown well in the oven.

3. Make a baking sauce (optional). If you want to add a little more punch to the chicken, you can make a quick sauce of nearly any oil, acid, and spices. Here, for instance, I combined a couple tablespoons olive oil and about 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar with 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 4 garlic cloves, and a dash of red pepper flakes. I often make Asian-inspired sauces with sesame oil, rice vinegar, and lots of chili garlic sauce. You can also pour pre-made salad dressing over the chicken.

4. Toss the chicken with the baking sauce. Coat the chicken with the sauce.

5. Spread the chicken in the baking dish. No need to grease the dish. Just lay the chicken inside.

6. Bake for 20 minutes or until the chicken has an internal temperature of 165°F. Boneless skinless thighs cook quickly. Check after 20 minutes, and if they are not quite up to temperature, put back in the oven and continue cooking and checking the temperature in 5-minute increments.

7. Remove the chicken from the oven and rest the meat, covered, for 10 minutes. Cover the baking dish with foil and let the chicken rest. This will help it be more tender. Eat and enjoy!


Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

(pasted from original)

“I also added maca powder for even more superfood goodness and a bit of finely ground coffee beans for an extra kick which sent the taste over the top into the heavenly realm. The base of this recipe is quite simple – sesame seeds, almonds and honey. Around that you can be a bit flexible with the ingredients. If you don’t have raw cacao powder (raw chocolate) you can use unsweetened cocoa powder instead. The coffee and maca, or other superfood powder can be left out and it’s still delicious. I’d also like to try this using spirulina as the superfood powder ingredient, though I might start with only a teaspoon to make sure the taste won’t overpower the rest.

The result was delicious, and I think I actually prefer this half almond, half sesame variant over the original. Try it and let me know what you think.

3 Tablespoons sesame seeds
3 Tablespoons almonds
1 Tablespoon raw cacao powder
1 Tablespoon superfood powder (e.g. maca, mesquite, lucuma, optional)
1 Tablespoon honey
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon finely ground coffee (optional)
pinch of Himalayan sea salt
pinch of allspice (optional)

Grind the sesame seeds and almonds to a fine meal. I used a coffee grinder on the fine/espresso setting and it did a beautiful job. But you could also use a high-speed blender or food processor instead.

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl with fingers, fork, or wooden spatula/spoon. The honey will bind everything together. So keep mixing until all the dry ingredients have been blended into the honey making a stiff dough. Break off small pieces of this ‘dough’ and roll into balls between the palms of your hands. Rolling into balls will bring out the oil in the sesame seeds, and that’s why these are so shiny in the photos. No oil was added, it’s all from what the sesame seeds naturally contain.

Eat immediately or refrigerate to make them a bit firmer.”

Peanut Butter Bites

Peanut Butter Bites

  • (1) cup pitted whole dates, soaked 3-4 hours in cold water
  • (1/4) cup date soaking water
  • (1) cup raw almonds, ground finely
  • (1) tsp vanilla
  • (1/2) cup peanut butter, smooth or crunchy
  • (1/2) cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • (1/4) cup cocoa nibs (optional)
  • (1/4) tsp salt

Start by soaking the dates in enough cold water to cover. Let soak at room temperature to soften for 3-4 hours or so (you can get away with less if you need to). When ready, drain the dates and reserve (1/4) cup of the soaking water. Combine the soaked dates and the reserved water in the blender, and blend on high. Use a spatula to agitate and blend until the dates are ‘creamed’. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl and mix with your hands until well combined. Get in there and squish everything together well. If you need, add more coconut or peanut butter to thicken, but the mixture should be sticky but dry enough to form balls with.